[LLVMdev] Function of CorrelatedValuePropagation pass

Aditya Kamath cs11b001+llvmdev at iith.ac.in
Fri Mar 20 04:06:09 PDT 2015


I am working on some changes to LazyValueInfo and I wanted to see how it was used in existing passes.
Currently I can see that Jump Threading and Correlated Value Propagation are the 2 passes that use LazyValueInfo.

However on the LLVM docs page of passes (http://llvm.org/docs/Passes.html <http://llvm.org/docs/Passes.html>), Correlated Value Propagation is not mentioned as a pass.
Does this mean that the pass is deprecated or just a mistake ?

Aditya V Kamath
Undergraduate Student,
IIT Hyderabad ODF Medak,
Hyderabad 502205

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