[LLVMdev] Cast to SCEVAddRecExpr

Nema, Ashutosh Ashutosh.Nema at amd.com
Wed Mar 18 23:40:36 PDT 2015


I'm trying to cast one of the SCEV node to "SCEVAddRecExpr".

Every time cast return NULL, and I'm unable to do this.

SCEV Node:
((4 * (sext i32 {2,+,2}<%for.body4> to i64))<nsw> + %var)<nsw>

const SCEVAddRecExpr *AR = dyn_cast<SCEVAddRecExpr>(SCEVNode);

'var' is of type float pointer (float*).

Without 'sext' it works, but I'm wondering why it not working in above case.

I'm not sure, is such casting allowed ?


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