[LLVMdev] Target-specific defaults for LLVM tools?

Steve King steve at metrokings.com
Tue Mar 17 15:00:48 PDT 2015

>> If clang is the user's one stop shop, here's one such cross compiler
>> example I'd like to understand better:  GNU binutils has no clue of my
>> target.  Instead of trying to use gas, how should GNU-less targets
>> enable clang invoke llvm-mc to assemble?
> -fintegrated-as / -fno-integrated-as

I tried, but integrated-as was impractical due to too many possible
machine code matches for a given assembly statement.  So, the compiler
deals in pseudos and emits .s files.  If the integrated assembler
could accept an assembly string instead of an mcinst, I'd be in

Regardless, users could pass .s files on the command line and Clang
would still need to call llvm-mc with the right options.

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