[LLVMdev] GSoC - feedback for Software Prefetching in LLVM

Utpal Bora cs14mtech11017 at iith.ac.in
Sun Mar 15 09:24:11 PDT 2015


As the student application portal opens in a day for GSoC 2015, I want to
apply for a project in order to contribute to LLVM community by enhancing
Software Prefetching in LLVM.

I have been studying the feasibility and significance of software
prefetching in modern processors.
I have looked into the current implementation of the same in LLVM for
PowerPC backend by Hal Finkel [1] and am in contact with him in an
introductory level. Currently I am working on his suggestions to fine tune
my proposal.
I am planning to enhance the current implementation for multiple
architectures and also want to extend support to recursive data structures
I feel that this is doable in the summer which has the potential to improve
performance for scientific applications.
I would like to get the feedback from the community for the topic as a
whole and considering it as part of GSoC.

[2] Chi-Keung Luk and Todd C. Mowry. 1996. Compiler-based prefetching for
recursive data structures. *SIGOPS Oper. Syst. Rev.* 30, 5 (September
1996), 222-233. DOI=10.1145/248208.237190

Thanks & Regards,

Utpal Bora
Graduate Student,
Computer Science & Engineering,
IIT Hyderabad
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