[LLVMdev] Add a backend

Daniel Dilts diltsman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 22:38:38 PDT 2015

In attempting to add a backend I came across the documentation here:

The section on the build system seems to be out of date, or maybe I don't
understand it.  I copied the Sparc target to a directory (Foo for the
example), added Foo to the subdirectories list in
llvm\lib\Target\LLVMBuild.txt and to LLVM_ALL_TARGETS in
llvm\CMakeLists.txt.  I removed the files except for FooTargetMachine.cpp
and FooTargetMachine.h.

FooTargetMachine is not completed yet, but I was trying to compile and get
linker errors about _LLVMInitializeFooTargetMC referenced in function void
llvm::InitializeAllTargetMCs(void).  I do not see anything about how to
implement this function.

Is there additional documentation about how to implement a backend that I
am missing?
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