[LLVMdev] Google Summer of Code FP Range checks

Aditya Kamath cs11b001+llvmdev at iith.ac.in
Thu Mar 12 12:01:08 PDT 2015


I am interested in applying to LLVM as part Google Summer of Code 2015. I have been going through LLVM code since about 4 months now, and while going though mailing list discussions I found particular interest in the point raised by Arch Robinson in January about the development of a floating point range check pass in LLVM. 

I have been in touch with Arch as well as Hal Finkel about this and I wanted to know the feedback from the general community about this project, especially as being part of Summer of Code.

I have currently looked at integer range analysis papers and also the David Goldberg paper on floating point arithmetic. I have also gone through the rough code that was posted on the mailing list by Arch, which sets up a basic lattice for the range checks. I feel that with enough effort during the course of the Summer of Code program I should be able to get a good enough implementation in LLVM.

Please let me know your thoughts on the same.

Thank You
Aditya V Kamath
Undergraduate Student,
IIT Hyderabad ODF Medak,
Hyderabad 502205

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