[LLVMdev] Customize Standard C Library Using LLVM (to support llvm backend optimization)

Chao Yan yanchao2012 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 13:24:30 PDT 2015

> FWIW, I build baremetal newlib for arm-eabi using clang, and it works. I
>> had to patch a few of the __attribute__((naked)) functions because they
>> were using pre-UAL asm syntax, but for the most part it "just works".
I build the baremetal newlib using arm-none-eabi-gcc as well, but after
linking with the hello world program, it failed to run on both qemu-arm and

>>  Have you considered trying musl? It's supposed to be a full replacement
> for glibc.

It looks like a nice alternative, I'll certainly look into it right away.

>>  Have you run it in a debugger to figure out *why* it is segfaulting?
> Have you tried building it without your special pass?
> Well, I didn't try clang, I use arm-none-eabi-gcc to build the newlib and
the hello world program. The arm-none-eabi-gdb says "Don't know how to
run.  Try "help target"."
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