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> Hi all,
> I'm a 3rd year CSE B.Tech student and have been studying LLVM since the
> past year. I have written a pass for doing register allocation as part of
> my course project and have also been studying LLVM code sections related to
> SSA construction, dominance frontiers,etc. I also made some contributions
> to the Polly project.
> Currently I am interested in improving the existing alias analysis
> infrastructure as part of my GSoC-15 project. The current pointer analyses
> in LLVM (basicaa, cflaa etc.) compute imprecise information as none of them
> are flow-sensitive. The aim of my project is to implement a pass that
> computes more precise points-to pairs that is both flow-sensitive as well
> as context-sensitive. This method has been described in  Liveness-Based Pointer
> Analysis [1] and has already been implemented in the GCC compiler.
> Most of the information in traditional context-sensitive algorithms is
> useless because it involves variables that are dead. The paper however
> relies on liveness information at the construction time of points-to-sets
> to prune the useless information. This method makes it comparable to a
> context-insensitive algorithm in cost.
> This would be an inter-procedural pass and would be implemented in the
> existing AliasAnalysis infrastructure by implementing  all the methods of
> AliasAnalysis class similar to the existing alias analysis passes in LLVM
> like basicaa and CFL-AA. I am looking for feedback and on directions on how
> to proceed with this.
> [1] Uday P. Khedker, Alan Mycroft, and Prashant Singh Rawat. 2012.
> “Liveness-Based pointer analysis”. In Proceedings of the 19th international
> conference on Static Analysis (SAS'12), Antoine Miné and David Schmidt
> (Eds.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 265-282.
> Regards
> Pratik Bhatu
> Bachelors of Technology, 3rd Year
> Computer Science and Engineering
> IIT Hyderabad
> +91 961 905 6833
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