[LLVMdev] LLVM Parallel IR

William Moses wmoses at csail.mit.edu
Mon Mar 9 08:58:19 PDT 2015

I'm part of a research group at MIT looking to create an extension of LLVM
that inherently allows one to nicely code a parallel loop.

Most parallel frameworks tend to take the body of a parallel loop and stick
it inside of a function for the parallel runtime to call when appropriate.
However, this makes optimizations significantly more difficult as most
compiler optimizations tend to be intraprocedural. The goal of this
parallel IR is to allow LLVM to more easily optimize parallel code -- which
often gets the short end of the optimization stick.

Long story short: I was wondering if anyone in the LLVM community has
already begun a similar project or knows of something that begins to
accomplish this.

Additionally, does anyone who has worked with parallelism in LLVM have any
specific comments or suggestions regarding this project.

William Moses
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
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