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Mon Mar 9 04:07:12 PDT 2015

I am currently working on DAGToDAGISel class for MIPS and am trying to
figure out a way to use INTRINSIC_W_CHAIN for an intrinsic which can return
a value.

My intrinsic is defined as:

i.e. it has four arguments and one return value

In DAGToDAGISel when I try to pass it with four arguments and a return
register it fails the assertion `ResNo < NumValues && "Illegal result

More specifically I am doing something like:
              EVT ReturnValueVT = Node->getValueType(0) ;
              SDValue ChainIn = Node->getOperand(0);
              SDValue Zero = CurDAG->getCopyFromReg(ChainIn, DL,

Mips::ZERO, MVT::i32);
              SDValue op0 = Node->getOperand(2);
              SDValue op1 = Node->getOperand(3);
              SDValue op2= Node->getOperand(4);
              SDValue op3 = Node->getOperand(5);
              SDValue Ops[]= { op0, op1, op2, op3, Zero, ChainIn };
              SDNode *Result =
CurDAG->getMachineNode(Mips::BWT_DROP_RESULT, SDLoc(Node),
                                        ReturnValueVT, Ops);
              ReplaceUses(Node, Result);
              return std::make_pair(true, Result);

Any clues on how INTRINSIC_W_CHAIN differs from INTRINSIC_VOID?

Ambuj Agrawal
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