[LLVMdev] [cfe-dev] Commit message policy?

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Fri Mar 6 13:12:37 PST 2015

On 6 March 2015 at 20:59, Reid Kleckner <rnk at google.com> wrote:
> I think the only guideline we should have is that the first line should be
> written as though it is an email subject, because it gets used for that. If
> you write a long first line, then you get a long subject, and it looks
> silly. If people want to embarrass themselves with strangely formatted
> email, they it's on them. We don't need a specific hard or soft number.

Not many people care about the email subject already, that's why they
keep using ridiculously long first lines.

IMO, "suggesting" to write short first lines is the same as not doing
anything. Either we add a cap (say, 80 chars), or we don't do

Chandler's other suggestion, tough, is interesting: to write up a bit
about what a *good* message would be, so the people that were really
interested, could do it "right" (tm).


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