[LLVMdev] Self-hosting failure in ARM again

Kuperstein, Michael M michael.m.kuperstein at intel.com
Wed Mar 4 08:17:16 PST 2015

Hi Renato,

I think it's a different issue this time.

The bots (not only ARM, btw) are getting an FE failure in compiling Support/CommandLine.cpp.
Since some of David's in this range were to CommandLine.h, they appear to me to be the more likely culprits. In particular, r231221 touched ~basic_parser(), which is what we seem to be breaking on.

Apologize in advance in case it IS my DAGCombine change. :-)

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It seems we got the same issue with Clang alignment as before:


Commits between 231213 and 231255.

There are a few issues that could have brought it:
 * Seth's changes to Clang (unlikely)
 * Michael's changes to DAGCombiner (likely)
 * David's generic changes in LLVM (unlikely)

I'll be bisecting this like I did earlier, but I'd like to keep you guys posted of the potential reverts, since this is not jut breaking tests, but breaking Clang self-hosting (which cost us weeks during the release).


You have a better idea what the real problem is. I think maybe we should bump its priority up again, or this will keep popping every month.

Did you file a bug?

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