[LLVMdev] Stable Release Schedule: 3.5.2 and 3.6.1

Tom Stellard tom at stellard.net
Mon Mar 2 07:21:57 PST 2015


Here is schedule for upcoming stable releases:

3.5.2 - This will be the last 3.5.x release.  There was a critical bug fix
that did not make it into 3.5.1, which made it necessary to do 3.5.2.  I
will accept other fixes, but the merge window will be very short:

March 16 - Tag 3.5.2-rc1 and begin testsing
March 25 - 3.5.2 release (If no regressions found during testing).

3.6.1 - Bug fixes for 3.6.1 will now be accepted.  If you would to merge
a patch into the 3.6 branch, send an email to llvm-commits and cc the
code owner and the release manager (me).

I will try to periodically send a reminder to the mailing list about
the 3.6.1 release, but please do not wait to the last minute to merge
your bugfixes.  Barring exceptional circumstances, the -rc1 tag date will
be firm.

May 4 - Tag 3.6.1-rc1 and begin testing
May 13 - 3.6.1 release (If no regressions found during testing).


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