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Reid Kleckner rnk at google.com
Thu Jul 30 10:30:02 PDT 2015

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 1:36 PM, Chris Bieneman <beanz at apple.com> wrote:

> I wanted to take some time to write up and roll out a proposed road map
> for CMake over the next few months. Apologies in advance for the
> substantial 0/7 Wall of Text I've summoned here (it only cost me 3 swamp
> mana).

Mono black devotion ftw! Thanks for working on this. :)

The main thing I'm trying to understand is, at each point along the way,
will CMake be able to generate a combined build.ninja for all compilation

You're doing the work, so it's fine if that's a nongoal. However, I'd like
it if the simple case where compiler-rt is being compiled for the host, the
generated build files don't shell out to another build.

The main thing I want to talk about is PR21562. For Apple PR21562 is the
> biggest reason we can't fully abandon autoconf. I've spent some time over
> the last month hacking on compiler-rt's build system and I've come up with
> a basic outline of the approach I'd like to take.
> (1) Reconcile out-of-tree functionality
> Apple has a little bit of out-of-tree code that adds functionality to
> compiler-rt's CMake build system. Specifically the ability to build for
> iOS. Before I can do any substantial refactoring of the open source build
> system I need to bring it to feature parity with our internal system. I
> have three remaining patches for that.
> D11083 [CMake] Add experimental support for building compiler-rt for iOS
> D11082 [CMake] Adding some utility functions for Darwin builds into a new
> CompilerRTDarwinUtils.cmake module
> D11073 Architectures for darwin need to be conditionalized based on the
> operating system.
> One thing worth noting here. I need to land some variant of this
> functionality, but the way this is done is hacky and should go away. Once
> these are landed I can begin the more substantial reworking.
> (2) Build the new Darwin build behavior
> One of the big problems with building compiler-rt for Darwin is that the
> CMake has been hacked to build multiple platforms at once (yes I know my
> patches above only make this worse). The first thing I want to do is add a
> new variable (something like COMPILER_RT_EXPERIMENTAL_DARWIN_BUILD) to
> toggle into a new mode for building on Darwin.
> The new Darwin build mode will build a single triple at a time in much the
> same way the Android and Linux builds work. In fact, my plan is to have the
> new Darwin functionality almost completely follow the Linux and Android
> code paths.
> There is a healthy bit of hand waving here because this task is larger
> than I'm making it sound. Compiler-rt is comprised of two very different
> sets of components, and they have some significantly different
> requirements. A big part of this work is going to be the root of PR21562,
> replacing the specific functionality in make/platform/clang_darwin.mk.
> That functionality drives building the runtime pieces of compiler-rt. There
> will need to be similar, but slightly different work done for the
> sanitizers.
> (3) Make compiler-rt an external project when built in-tree with Clang
> Once compiler-rt builds for one and only one target at a time, we will
> need to hook that into the LLVM build system so that you can do in-tree
> builds of compiler-rt for all the targets you can target with your new
> clang. I will gate this functionality on a flag just like the work above so
> it won't break existing users.
> This re-working will also provide a more robust solution for PR14109.
> PR14109 can't be properly fixed without making compiler-rt an external
> project because CMake doesn't really support changing the compiler after
> you've already configured a directory.
> Some of this functionality already exists in clang/runtime, but we'll want
> to transition to that being the only supported way to build compiler-rt,
> and (for Darwin) we'll need to add some support for lipo-ing thin binaries
> together.
> (4) Celebrate!
> That's really the hard bits. Once we get the new behavior working through
> the stack we'll need to test it like nobody's business and then we can talk
> about making it default and cleaning up all the code that supported the old
> way of doing things.
> So... what's next?
> With PR14109 and PR21562 done Apple will be able to migrate off autoconf,
> and there will only be a few currently identified issues preventing CMake
> from replacing autoconf. Tackling the remaining issues should be fairly
> straight forward as none of them are too gnarly.
> Moving beyond this all I have some ideas for improving our CMake scripts
> to make developers more productive, and I have some ideas for improvements
> that we could get by working with the CMake community. For example, I want
> our CMake build system to have convenience targets for things that we
> currently drive with out-of-tree tooling. This includes clang bootstrap
> builds, and generating PGO data and linker order files. I also would like
> to work with the CMake community to get a way to wire up external projects
> so that they could all be mapped into a single Ninja build file for better
> parallelism and faster incremental builds.
> Questions, comments, concerns, condolences?
> Thanks,
> -Chris
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