[llvm-dev] Bootstrapping clang/LLVM with ELLCC

Richard Pennington via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Dec 18 19:15:24 PST 2015

ELLCC is a compilation tool chain based on clang/LLVM, libc++ and the 
musl standard C library for Linux. Recently I was asked if ELLCC 
pre-built binaries could be used to build clang/LLVM TOT. It turns out 
that it can with some simple patches. This is a simple way to bootstrap 
clang/LLVM on an arbitrary Linux system that either doesn't have GCC or 
has a version of GCC that is too old to build clang/LLVM. ELLCC 
pre-build binaries are available for ARM 32 and 64, Mips, PowerPC, and 
x86 32 and 64. They are statically linked so shared library versions 
don't matter on the Linux host.

Information on building clang/LLVM with ELLCC is here: 


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