[llvm-dev] Objects of MemoryLocation class are created for ‘llvm.memset.*‘ intrinsics

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Hi Roman,

The MemoryLocation objects are involved in findAliasSetForUnknownInst, but none are created there for the memset intrinsic. MemoryLocation objects are only involved for the regular memory accesses being compared to the unknown instruction. See AliasSet::aliasesUnknownInst in lib/Analysis/AliasSetTracker.cpp.

We do know how to create MemoryLocation objects for memsets, see MemoryLocation::getForDest, but we don't do so in the AliasSetTracker. We're taking advantage here of the fast that AA's getModRefInfo understands (or should understand) enough about memset to accurately answer the queries.


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> Subject: [llvm-dev] Objects of MemoryLocation class are created for ‘llvm.memset.*‘ intrinsics
> Dear llvm contributors,
> Could you please advise me where objects of MemoryLocation class are
> created for ‘llvm.memset.*‘ intrinsics?
> In the Bug 23077 (https://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=23077) the
> AliasSetTracker constructs 128 alias sets for 0 pointer values, which
> contain only unknown instructions. In this case, all unknown
> instructions, which are added to new alias sets in the
> AliasSetTracker::addUnknown, have the following form:
> call void @llvm.memset.p0i8.i64(i8* %scevgep..., i8 0, i64 256, i32
> 8, i1 false)
> Furthermore, in this case, there aren’t any unknown instructions,
> which are added by AliasSetTracker::addUnknown to alias sets that are
> found by findAliasSetForUnknownInst. That’s why I would like to check
> objects of MemoryLocation class that are created  for ‘llvm.memset.*‘
> intrinsics. If I’m not mistaken, objects of MemoryLocation class are
> involved in alias analysis and, in particular, in work of
> findAliasSetForUnknownInst.
> Thank you for the attention!
> --
>                                     Cheers, Roman Gareev.
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