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I noticed a similar problem with ah when asking about eax for x86.

An interesting thing is that for my purposes (and why I am looking into this), I kind of want to ignore "certain" sub registers.  The actual problem I am trying to solve

is to be at an instruction like:

ax = movw mem
al = movb mem

and be able to ask whether any part of rax is live other than the part that is clearly being defined by the move.  computeRegisterLiveness seems the right place to do that,
but I don't think the exact same interface currently in use cannot solve what I want and solve http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-commits/Week-of-Mon-20140317/209514.html

my expectation is that computeRegisterLiveness should return LQR_OverlappingLive whenever a sub-reg or super-reg is live, but the exact register that was passed in, is not live.

Does that sound like the right to you folks?


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On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 2:22 PM, Smith, Kevin B <kevin.b.smith at intel.com<mailto:kevin.b.smith at intel.com>> wrote:

>  It would be good to check that this maps correctly onto computeRegisterLiveness: there's a bug in analyzePhysReg and I think other parts of the code base are slightly wrong or will become slightly wrong as well :-(

Yes, I agree.  I will also have to look into all other users of analyzePhysReg as well.  There are surprisingly few users of either computeRegisterLiveness
or analyzePhysReg.  The other thing that I am trying to think about would be a way to comprehensively test the correctness of these, both as they stand,
and after changes.

Great, thanks! I'd be happy to review this, I just don't have much time to tackle the problem myself.

This code should also be fixed at the same time:

I am curious, does anyone know how do get this kind of Machine IR to be created from LLVM:

xor eax, eax
movw ax, mem
read eax

where the actual intent is for the xor, and the sub-register def in the movw to create form of zero-extension, and then to have full uses of eax? I know this isn't very desirable
code for X86, but these kinds of unusual machine IR are what would stress the implementations of these routines.

I'm not sure, sorry. You could play tricks with asm and clobbers?
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