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On 8/31/15 10:43 PM, 慕冬亮 via llvm-dev wrote:
> I want to create an experiment to show the effectiveness of cfi :
> For example ,
> I first need a program with vulnerability so that we can hijack its 
> control flow;
> then I enforce cfi of llvm and we can't hijack its control flow.
> Do you have any advice for me?

The CFI implementation we updated to work with x86-64 for the KCoFI 
project is available at https://github.com/jtcriswell/SVA.  You'll need 
to create the exploit code (and potentially the vulnerability) 
yourself.  If you read the literature on CFI and memory safety (some of 
which is cataloged at http://sva.cs.illinois.edu/menagerie), you should 
be able to find programs and vulnerabilities that have been used in such 

That said, doing an experiment will not show that CFI is effective; it 
will only show that CFI stops that one particular attack that you are 
demonstrating.  While this was done in past research papers, it was only 
done because it was one of the few methods of evaluating CFI available.  
More recent work is showing the deficiencies of evaluating CFI in this 
way (in a nutshell, simple CFI defenses can be thwarted).

Determining how to measure the effectiveness of defenses against 
code-reuse attacks (such as Return-Oriented programming, Return to Libc 
attacks, and Non-Control data attacks) is an active area of research.  
My students and I are working to devise methods of evaluating defenses, 
but as the work is in its very early stages, that's all I can say about 
it at present.


John Criswell

>     - mudongliang
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