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Subject: RE: TSAN hack on AArch64 for Android



IMO having to disable 2/3 of the tests means the patch isn't ready yet.

[ jasonk --> ]  OK, that’s a fair view.  However, please keep in mind the follwing:


(*) The tests weren’t all stable to begin with. 

(*) I am perfectly willing to triage the failures, but please keep in mind that any “threshold” that we cross from NOT testing TSAN on aarch64+android to actually testing on it is going to be a large hurdle. 

(*) BIONIC is NOT glibc!

(*) Its pretty darn near impossible to  have the perfect patch, which is [a] small [b] doesn’t break anything [c] adds major new features. 

(*) What I have currently is: [a] not very big [b] doesn’t break anything VISIBLY [c] adds major new features

(*) The new feature (TSAN on aarch64-linux-androideabi) is currently turned OFF by default

(*) There are plenty of cases in prior history in llvm where a set of tests were turned off temporarily, especially when a major new platform is being introduced. I don’t think its unreasonable to have that as a starting point.



[ jasonk --> ] I don’t know if this is getting through, but the tests I marked UNSUPPORTED, are ONLY unsupported on aarch64-linux-androideabi. They are run, as is, on other configurations of compiler-rt.

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