[llvm-dev] [3.7 Release] RC4 has been tagged

Daniel Sanders via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 27 09:21:04 PDT 2015

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> Subject: Re: [llvm-dev] [3.7 Release] RC4 has been tagged
> On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 6:43 AM, Daniel Sanders
> <Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com> wrote:
> >> Please build and test. If no new issues arise, I plan to tag this as
> >> 'final' tomorrow or Friday so we can ship the release next week.
> >
> > I'm afraid I can't build and test that quickly with the equipment I have at the
> moment. The little endian build is running on machine that was designed to
> be a router and currently takes almost 24 hours due to lack of FPU, local disk,
> and RAM. The test-suite for this build used to take 3 days for the same
> reason (mostly the lack of FPU causing _massive_ numbers of kernel
> interrupts for FPU emulation) but I'm using a CI20 now that gets through it in
> a few hours thanks to its FPU.
> >
> > Can you tag it on Monday instead?
> Since RC3 built fine for you, there really shouldn't be anything in
> RC4 that would cause problems. Maybe you could start a build to make
> sure it seems OK, but we don't wait for all the bootstrapping and
> test-suite to finish?

Ok. I'll get what I can done by the time you tag it and let you know if anything does cause problems.

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