[llvm-dev] Would a spreadsheet be a good project using LLVM?

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For note, LibreOffice latest version (maybe the released version now) has a
substantial speed improvement via OpenCL support if enabled now.  Might
want to test it before writing a compiler layer, even a plugin to OpenCL
your expected patterns might be far far easier.
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> >
> > Thanks for your feedback. I guess I should elaborate on one of the
> features I would like to implement. In today's spreadsheets if you want to
> crunch a lot of data, you usually put the data in rows and put expressions
> in cells to the right of the data and repeat those cells for every row of
> the data. I would like to create a spreadsheet system that can process the
> same quantity of data but only has the a single instance of those cells
> with expressions. In other words, I do expect that that the same
> expressions get used over and over with the same data, perhaps thousands
> (or more) times.
> >
> > Would LLVM be a good fit now?
> LLVM would be a good fit for a Lotus Improv / Qantrix Modeller style
> spreadsheet.
> David
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