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2015-08-16 23:29 GMT-07:00 Eric Christopher <echristo at gmail.com>:

> Please read the rest of the thread :)

I did. Nobody seems to agree on what is supposed to be what, if the current
API is supposed to be the stable one or not and so on. Quite frankly, I do
not care. I want to be able to use the C API, and I would like for it to be
tested so we avoid episodes like the landing pad one in the future.

> Also, whether, the C API is stable or change between version, being able
>> to read and write IR from it seems like a bare minimum and having test for
>> this as well.
>> Having a test does not prevent the API to be changed. It just ensure that
>> it is changed willingly as one would have to update the test in addition of
>> the API.
> Your reading of this is not the same as anyone else's reading for what
> would be considered stable.
> -eric

Once again, doesn't matter. i'm trying to get some test in.

This thread has gone full ouroboros . Basically, few contributor use the C
API, and it is not well tested. Yet, when some people use the C API (some
in this thread showed up, including myself) or want to contribute to it, it
always devolve into some endless bikescheding and nothing gets done.

Things is, core devs do not care for the most part about the C API. C API
user have hard time to get involved because core dev do not care and it
take an absurd amount of energy for a non core dev to get anything in.
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