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Mon Aug 10 01:43:09 PDT 2015

Hi All,

Sorry for my previous email: there was some issue with my email system.

Hope you don't have any problems with reading my message now.


Not long ago I met a problem related to clang attributes implementation. I
tried to add a new CXX11 attribute with separated namespace like here:

def FooAligned : InheritableAttr {

  let Spellings = [CXX11<"_Foo_attrs", "aligned">];


But I was not able to do it because name “aligned” was used in another
well-known attribute. After some research I found that the problem was in
file “AttrParserStringSwitches.inc” generated by TableGen. Its content was
unaware about namespaces. As result my new “aligned” attribute was
mentioned like here:



.Case("aligned", true)



and there was real ambiguity in selection of proper attribute:
GNU::aligned, CXX11::aligned or CXX11:: _Foo_attrs::aligned.

The simplest way to resolve the issue is to change the new attribute name
but why should I do it if I use the unique namespace?

In my case I created a special patch allowing me to generate full qualified
names of attributes inside CLANG_ATTR_IDENTIFIER_ARG_LIST section:



.Case("CXX11:: _Foo_attrs::aligned", true)



My problem was resolved with this patch.

Is it interesting for anybody?

Should I create the corresponding bug record in Bugzilla?

Do you like to review my patch?

What about other sections inside “AttrParserStringSwitches.inc” using
unqualified attribute names?

Andrew V. Tischenko
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