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Tue Aug 4 17:14:30 PDT 2015

"if" can be either take or not. In reality, both "if" can't be taked at the 
same time -- and that's why I'm trying to automatically figure out working on 
LLVM representation. However, the LLVM code:

    int %logsch(int %ih, int %nbh) {
             %tmp.1 = setlt int %nbh, 0  
             %ih_addr.1 = select bool %tmp.1, int 10, int %ih
             %nbh_addr.1 = select bool %tmp.1, int 0, int %nbh
             %tmp.4 = setgt int %nbh_addr.1, 22528           
             %ih_addr.0 = select bool %tmp.4, int 7, int %ih_addr.1          
             %nbh_addr.0 = select bool %tmp.4, int 22528, int %nbh_addr.1
             %tmp.8 = add int %nbh_addr.0, %ih_addr.0 
             ret int %tmp.8

Has 'select' instructions and a single path, which makes my task harder.

- Volodya

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