[LLVMdev] Adding masked vector load and store intrinsics

Demikhovsky, Elena elena.demikhovsky at intel.com
Tue Oct 28 01:43:01 PDT 2014

Yes, David is right. We should cover all instructions that can trap on NaN. 
I just counted all FP instructions, including conversions: fadd, fsub, .., fptrunc, fext, ..sitofp, fcmp, fma (~13) + gather/scatter (2) + load/store(2).
I'm not sure about integer divide and remainder, because we don't have a solution in the Intel Architecture today. On the other hand, a library may support these operations in masked vector form and do it faster than a scalar sequence.

-  Elena

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Adam Nemet <anemet at apple.com> writes:

> Can you please elaborate on the list.  I don’t see how 20 intrinsics 
> would cover “All FP”.  But do you really have to do all FP or only 
> instructions that can trap with LLVM (e.g. division by zero)?

We need intrinsics for all the FP operations.  Any operand that is a signaling NaN or even a quiet NaN for some operations will trap.  LLVM needs masking to protect itself from that when vectorizing certain kinds of loops.

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