[LLVMdev] Recent changes in -gmlt break sample profiling

Diego Novillo dnovillo at google.com
Mon Oct 27 07:46:44 PDT 2014

On Sun Oct 26 2014 at 3:47:51 PM Jeremy Lakeman <Jeremy.Lakeman at gmail.com>

> This sounds like a problem best solved by tracking source code movement
> via your source control system.
> If you know the commit of the code that produced the sample, you should be
> able to use source control history / diffs to translate absolute line
> numbers to the location where the source has moved.
> This would have the added advantage of highlighting where those samples
> are likely to be useless or completely misleading.

Doable in principle, but challenging in reality. I don't think this idea is
straightforward at all to implement.

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