[LLVMdev] Question regarding getElementPtr/Addressing modes in backend

Johnny Val johnnydval at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 09:15:31 PDT 2014


I am writing a backend and having issues with properly lowering the result
of getElementPtr ( specifically the add node that it generates).

If we take this IR:

%struct.rectangle = type { i24, i24 }

; Function Attrs: nounwind readonly
define i24 @area(%struct.rectangle* nocapture readonly %r) #0 {
  %width = getelementptr inbounds %struct.rectangle* %r, i16 0, i32 0
  %0 = load i24* %width, align 4, !tbaa !1
  %height = getelementptr inbounds %struct.rectangle* %r, i16 0, i32 1
  %1 = load i24* %height, align 4, !tbaa !6
  %mul = mul nsw i24 %1, %0
  ret i24 %mul

The DAG before isel would look like isel.png.

I would then pattern match the load nodes with:

[(set i24:$val, (load addr:$addr))]

Where addr is a complex pattern. This is fine for the 0th element in the
struct, as there is no offset so the resultant assembly would be (which
works fine):

r0 = *(i0)

The issue I have is with the second load. I need the result to be:

m0 = 4
r1 = *(i0 += m0) (offset is stored in a register(m0), and modifies the
original pointer)

rather than

r1 = *(i0 + 4) (immediate)

(The specific registers numbers don't matter).

I'm not sure how to achieve that. Currently addr gets matched in SelectAddr
in XYZISelDAGToDAG.cpp. It will match the add node and "combine" (I'm not
sure this is the correct terminology) it into my LDR node. The result of
this can be seen sched.png

So instead of that TargetConst<4> I need a something that copies 4 into an
M register, and then LDR uses that.

I'm not sure if I should put logic in SelectAddr to create a virtual
register and create a series of copyfromreg/copytoreg to copy the constant
into an M register and then pass that to the node? I feel like that is
fairly ugly (as no other back-end does this), but I'm not sure what a
better way would be.

I have tried looking through other backends for an example, but couldn't
find something similar. That could be due to me not knowing where to look.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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