[LLVMdev] eliminateFrameIndex

Boris Boesler baembel at gmx.de
Fri Oct 10 08:03:46 PDT 2014


 I started writing a LLVM backend for a custom architecture. I have some register and instruction .td files and some other files/classes like a MCStreamer for assembler output. At the moment I can compile some empty programs so far.

 I implemented the method ::eliminateFrameIndex() similar to the Sparc and ARM backend. The method looks like this:

// frame pointer is in reg of class mytarget::ARegsRegClass
unsigned ScratchReg = MF.getRegInfo().createVirtualRegister(&mytarget::ARegsRegClass);
const TargetInstrInfo &TII = *MF.getTarget().getInstrInfo();
BuildMI(*MI.getParent(), II, dl, TII.get(mytarget::ADD_AReg), ScratchReg).addReg(FramePtr).addImm(Offset);
// Update the original instruction to use the scratch register.
MI.getOperand(FIOperandNum).ChangeToRegister(ScratchReg, false);

 But for the test case 

int foo(void)
  int a = 43;

 I get the error message "Remaining virtual register operands".

 Is something wrong with my method? Did I miss to implement some more methods?

Thanks in advance,

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