[LLVMdev] Debug Info and MergeFunctions Transform

David Blaikie dblaikie at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 09:55:52 PDT 2014

Hi Stepan,

After discovering several bugs in ArgumentPromotion and
DeadArgumentElimination where llvm::Functions were replaced with similar
functions (with the same name) to transform their type in some way, I
started looking at all calls to llvm::Function::takeName to see if there
were any other debug info quality bugs in similar callers.

One such caller is MergeFunctions, and I don't see any debug info tests for
this so I'm wondering what /should/ happen here.

In the case where the functions are internal I'm not sure there's anything
we can do, we simply remove one function and keep the other - the debug
info can only be ascribed to one of the two and this probably comes out
naturally (whichever name we choose to keep). I don't think we can have the
debug info for one function reference a global alias, while the debug info
for another function references the thing that alias refers to. So be it.

But in the case of MergeFunctions::writeThunk we can probably do better -
by updating the debug info for the thunk'd function so we at least describe
this trivial function in the debug info.

Does that sound about right?

Could you provide any C/C++ source examples where MergeFunctions fires
fairly reliably so I could play around with the debug info behavior (&
fixes) here?

- David
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