[LLVMdev] lld coding style

Rui Ueyama ruiu at google.com
Mon Oct 6 12:54:49 PDT 2014

It is unfortunate that we are using a different coding scheme for LLD than
LLVM, but I'm leaning toward the view that switching to LLVM style will
cost too much if it means we are going to lose virtually all commit
history. A patch to switch to LLVM style would rename all local and member
variables, so it would touch all the lines. Diff is not powerful enough to
trace the history beyond variable renaming. svn blame would become useless.

I have no strong opinion on this. If many other LLD developers really want
to make this happen, I can bear with that. It doesn't feel very productive
thing to do to me, though.

On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 2:26 PM, Tim Northover <t.p.northover at gmail.com>

> > So with that in mind, I would like to ask, would it be possible to
> consider
> > switching to LLVM style for lld?
> One particular feature of lld's current style is particularly dodgy:
> starting member variables with '_' makes undefined behaviour very easy
> to introduce (if the first real char is upper case; there's already
> plenty of examples).
> It's one of the more innocuous forms of UB, but still bad form for an
> LLVM project. If even we can't get it right...
> Cheers.
> Tim.
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