[LLVMdev] Behaviour of NVPTX intrinsic

RAVI KORSA ravi.korsa at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 00:50:20 PDT 2014

I understand that.  Once the control reaches the target back-end, I can
disallow instructions moving around an intrinsic by defining an SDNode for
the intrinsic, setting it's properties appropriately and custom lowering it
etc. But my question was aimed at how do we stop the "opt" passes from
moving the arithmetic instructions around the intrinsic. For example we
have "llvm.arm.set.fpscr" intrinsic to set the rounding mode of the
arithmetic instructions following it. But if "opt" passes move arithmetic
instructions around it, then the expected results are wrong. Am trying to
check if anyone has a solution for this already.

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