[LLVMdev] "Function" file name

Mishne, Alon alon.mishne at intel.com
Thu Jan 30 04:19:23 PST 2014

This should work, but I think a more standard approach (though arguably slower) is to use DebugInfoFinder (from DebugInfo.h).

So create a DebugInfoFinder, process the module with it, and then iterate over all the subprograms to find the one matching your function. Roughly something like:

DebugInfoFinder Finder;
for (DebugInfoFinder::iterator Iter = Finder.subprogram_begin(),
    End = Finder.subprogram_end(); Iter != End; ++Iter) {
  const MDNode* node = *Iter;
  DISubprogram SP(node);
  if (SP.describes(F)) return SP.getFilename();

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Hi Nizam,

> I am writing a simple pass that inherits from ModulePass. I override 
> the runOnModule method. In the method, i am attempting to print all 
> the function in the module and the source-file they appear in. I could 
> print the name of the function using the Module::iterator. I am, 
> however, not able to figure-out the way to identify the source-file for a given "Function".

That information is generally only present if the file was compiled with debug info ("clang -g"), and even then I believe it's only attached to the instructions in a function rather than the function itself. Inlining can complicate things further, so you need to pick the *right* instruction (some may come from a different file entirely).

Some grubbing around the class hierarchy suggests this procedure:
1. Find a "ret" instruction in the function (actually, a function can rarely exist with "unreachable" instead of "ret" so be careful).
2. Call Instruction::getDebugLoc on it
3. Call DebugLoc::getAsMDNode to convert it into an MDNode 4. Create a DILocation from that MDNode and query it for your info.

There may be a simpler way, but hopefully that will do the job.


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