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Daniel Sanders Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com
Fri Jan 24 02:21:25 PST 2014

Hi Andrew,

I seem to be making good progress on the P5600 scheduler using the new machine model but I've got a few questions about it.

How would you represent an instruction that splits into two micro-ops and is dispatched to two different reservation stations?
For example, I have two reservation stations (AGQ and FPQ). An FPU load instruction is split into a load micro-op which is dispatched to AGQ and a writeback micro-op which is dispatched to FPQ.
The AGQ micro-op is issued to a four-cycle latency pipeline called LDST. Three cycles after issue, the LDST pipeline wakes up the FPQ micro-op, which writes the result of the load back to the register file.

Is it possible to use other instructions already scheduled for the same cycle as part of the evaluation of a SchedPredicate in a SchedVariant?
I've got a class of instructions (mostly simple addition) that can dispatch to two different reservation stations (ALQ and AGQ), both of which have a suitable pipeline with the same latency. The dispatch stage can dispatch two instructions per cycle. When it has one instruction from this class it dispatches it to ALQ (this isn't strictly true but I'll come back to that), and when it has two it dispatches one to ALQ and the other to AGQ.

Is it possible to use historical scheduling decisions as part of the evaluation of a SchedPredicate in a SchedVariant?
I'm fairly certain the answer to this one is 'no' (because scheduling can be performed in both directions) but I'll ask anyway. In the previous question, I said that when the dispatch stage has one instruction that can be dispatched to either ALQ or AGQ it always picks ALQ. The truth of the matter is that historical decisions are used to guess which one is most likely to stall and the dispatch stage picks the other one. I haven't established exactly what information it's using yet though so I can't give a good example.

Is there an easy way to check I've covered every valid instruction? I'm thinking it would be helpful if I could get build warnings from tablegen about valid instructions with no scheduling information. This would also prevent someone adding an instruction later and forgetting to add it to the scheduler.


Daniel Sanders
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