[LLVMdev] llc error

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 23:43:22 PST 2014

Hi Ali,

> when I compile some bitcode files with llc, the folowing error is thrown.
> What does it mean and how can I solve the problem?

It looks like a bug in the X86 backend, but without more information
it could still be caused by invalid IR. The first thing to try is to
see whether it's already been fixed by someone else on trunk (it looks
like you're using LLVM 3.3, and things change rather quickly).

After that, I'd suggest reporting the issue at http://llvm.org/bugs to
make sure it doesn't get completely forgotten. Remember to attach a
.bc file and instructions so that other people can reproduce the issue
on their own.

I don't tend to monitor the bugs mailing list, so if you report it
could you tell us here too? I'd be interested to take a look at what's
going on.



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