[LLVMdev] Recent buildbot failures on arxan_raphael and osu8

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Thu Jan 23 11:37:27 PST 2014

Daniel Sanders wrote:
> Hi,
> I received a small flurry of buildbot emails yesterday. Most of them
> seem to be repeats of previous failures and buildbot only mailed them to
> me because the previous build raised an exception instead of failing.
> However I noticed a couple configuration/system issues amongst them:
> ·arxan_raphael is consistently hitting the 20 minute no-output timeout
> when running the link command in the compile step. It occasionally
> passes (e.g. build 11090) which suggests that it's only slightly over.
> ·osu8 is out of disk space.

Yup, I'm aware. osu8 runs everything in ram (all source and object files 
are in RAM), and the HD was never intended to take the load (small, 
slow, not redundant, and not expected to live a long life if it needs to 
spin that much). The Clang debug build -vg builder takes half the ram on 
its own at 17G, then it's running three other builders beyond that.

I had hoped that doing a make clean would fix its disproportionate 
footprint (the next largest builder is 5G), but apparently not so. I'm 
going to see whether we can buy another 32G RAM for it.



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