[LLVMdev] LLVM 3.4 stable releases

Chandler Carruth chandlerc at google.com
Wed Jan 22 00:57:46 PST 2014

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 12:46 AM, Renato Golin <renato.golin at linaro.org>wrote:

> On 21 January 2014 23:25, Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at google.com> wrote:
>> There are three commits I've made to Clang that I'd like to see in the
>> 3.4 release branch if for no other reason than to help out folks
>> bootstrapping on old Linux distributions with too-old installed versions of
>> GCC/libstdc++. These are r199632, r199633, and r199769. Let me know if you
>> can merge them or I should or how we can get a nice stable tree that folks
>> can check out and build as the first step of getting a bootstrap.
> Hi Chandler,
> We haven't set a fixed date or anything, but if I got it right, those
> three patches are independent from any API changes, so they should be good
> to go on 3.4.1. Have you tried to apply them locally on a 3.4 branch? I
> think the first steps are to re-base and send a merge request to the
> commits list. We can follow from there...

I don't think there is any need to rebase or send merge requests etc...
They'll apply cleanly, or I can manually merge them if need be. The
question is not how to merge them but *if* we should merge them, and if
someone will create tags / release numbers to track this.

> Tom, would be good to track all the patches that go in, so at least we
> have a way to update the change log.
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