[LLVMdev] Attribute after last parameter!

Lee Hammerton savoury.snax at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 21 03:42:23 PST 2014

 fixed this issue. replaced offending line with :


On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 8:45 AM, Lee Hammerton
<savoury.snax at googlemail.com>wrote:

> Hi all,
>  I've just finished updating my EDL frontend from LLVM3.0 to LLVM3.4, it
> wasn't too painful, however many of my programs are failing to verify after
> construction. Basically I get an error from the verifier e.g. :
> Attribute after last parameter!
> i1 ()* @PinGettest
> Broken module found, compilation aborted!
>  After some digging, I've narrowed it down to the following :
>   function->setOnlyReadsMemory(true);
>  which is used for functions that are tied to reads on PINs, (EDL is a
> form of description language for emulators - a kind of hardware abstraction
> for chips).
>  If I comment out the setOnlyReadsMemory, then the verifier completes
> fine. The call is made just after creating the function.
>  I`m guessing the attribute changes between 3.1 and 3.4 are to blame,
> perhaps there is now an alternate way to specify this?
>  Lee
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