[LLVMdev] Methods on addrspace pointers

Brandon Holt bholt at cs.washington.edu
Mon Jan 20 15:19:27 PST 2014

Thank you for the prompt response, Matt.

On Jan 20, 2014, at 3:03 PM, Matt Arsenault <Matthew.Arsenault at amd.com> wrote:
> Since 3.4 you need to use the addrspacecast instruction to cast between address spaces. It's possible there are still some places left that haven't been fixed yet to use it instead of creating bit casts.

Are you saying you think this is a bug and it should in fact be generating an addrspacecast? I will be looking into making this change, and if it would be accepted as a bug fix, I’d be happy to submit it.

>> 2. Is there a way to create methods that can be called with pointers to different address spaces? It seems there is no way to declare these in C++ using GNU attributes, and addrspace() seems to not be supported by C++11 attribute syntax, which could possibly express this.
> You can use __attribute__((address_space(N))

I have already been using that syntax to annotate pointer declarations. However I don’t think it can be applied to methods the way I was thinking. At least it doesn’t actually change them:

struct Foo {
  long x;
  __attribute__((address_space(7))) void bar(long y) {
    printf("%ld %ld\n", x, y);

Generates this declaration still:

define linkonce_odr void @_ZN3Foo3barEl(%struct.Foo* %this, i64 %y) ssp uwtable align 2

Though I think desired behavior would be:

define linkonce_odr void @_ZN3Foo3barEl(%struct.Foo addrspace(7)* %this, i64 %y) ssp uwtable align 2

(actually I think it’s more tricky because the address_space attribute could be applying to the return type. I’d think the correct way to specify the attribute on “this” would be to put it where “const” goes, after the parentheses)

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