[LLVMdev] [llvm-lit] Mistakes in list of variables and substitutions documentation?

Daniel Liew daniel.liew at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Jan 14 13:15:24 PST 2014

Hi All,

I was taking a look at [1] because I was modifying an external tool to
use llvm-lit instead of the deprecated DejaGNU testing framework and I
was going to submit a patch to document the undocumented '%T'
substitution when I realised the existing documentation doesn't quite
make sense...

* $test has a '$'  prefix whereas most of the others don't.

* I can't see any support for any of these '$' style substitutions
(e.g. subdir, srcroot, objroot) in lit's python code or in the
lit.site.cfg file. The only place I've seen the substitutions
happening is
parseIntegratedTestScript() inside TestRunner.py but they all use the
'%' prefix.

* Why the distinction between variables and substitutions?

[1] http://llvm.org/docs/TestingGuide.html#variables-and-substitutions

Dan Liew

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