[LLVMdev] test suite 'owner'

Robert Lytton robert at xmos.com
Fri Jan 10 04:09:35 PST 2014


I have found it necessary to make some changes to the test-suite for the XCore platform.

These changes include:
    altering #includes, as supported by XCore;
    using stdout or stderr to make the output diffs consistent (fixing expected output too);
        (This work is still under review as best way to do it)
    'fixing' symbol and type problems e.g name clashes & scope;
    altering/adding code snippets and macros.

I have used #ifdef to limit and keep any changes specific to the XCore.
Some of these could/should be made common to all targets e.g. log2() -> logTwo().

I have also altered the Makefile to filter out tests not supported by the XCore.

I would like to discuss the changes I have found necessary to make and what is the next step.
Should any/all of them be pushed upstream?


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