[LLVMdev] Bitcode parsing performance

Kevin Modzelewski kmod at dropbox.com
Thu Jan 9 16:37:43 PST 2014

Hi all, I'm trying to reduce the startup time for my JIT, but I'm running
into the problem that the majority of the time is spent loading the bitcode
for my standard library, and I suspect it's due to debug info.  My stdlib
is currently about 2kloc in a number of C++ files; I compile them with
clang -g -emit-llvm, then link them together with llvm-link, call opt -O3
on it, and arrive at a 1MB bitcode file.  I then embed this as a binary
blob into my executable, and call ParseBitcodeFile on it at startup.

Unfortunately, this parsing takes about 60ms right now, which is the main
component of my ~100ms time to run on an empty source file (another ~20ms
is loading the pre-jit'd image through an ObjectCache).  I thought I'd save
some time by using getLazyBitcodeModule, since the IR isn't actually needed
right away, but this only reduced the parsing time (ie the time of the
actual getLazyBitcodeModule() call) to 45ms, which I thought was
surprising.  I also tested computing the bytewise-xor of the bitcode file
to make sure that it was fully read into memory, which took about 5ms, so
the majority of the time does seem to be spent parsing.

Then I switched back to ParseBitcodeFile, but now I added the
"-strip-debug" flag to my opt invocation, which reduced the bitcode file
down to about 100KB, and reduced the parsing time to 20ms.  What surprised
me the most was that if I then switched to getLazyBitcodeModule, the
parsing time was cut down to 3ms, which is what I was originally expecting.
 So when lazy loading, stripping out the debug info cuts down the
initialization time from 45ms to 3ms, which is why I suspect that
getLazyBitcodeModule is still parsing all of the debug info.

To work around it, I can generate separate builds, one with debug info and
one without, but I'd like to avoid doing that. I did some simple profiling
of what getLazyBitcodeModule was doing, and it wasn't terribly informative
(spends most of its time in parsing-related functions); does anyone have
any ideas if this is something that could be fixable or if I should just
move on?

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