[LLVMdev] Stale type system documentation?

Philip Reames listmail at philipreames.com
Tue Jan 7 10:04:03 PST 2014

Looking at the LangRef, I see some wording relating to the type system 
which appears to have not been updated.  The section that concerns me is:
" Note that type names are aliases for the structural type that they 
indicate, and that you can therefore specify multiple names for the same 
type. This often leads to confusing behavior when dumping out a .ll 
file. Since LLVM IR uses structural typing, the name is not part of the 
type. When printing out LLVM IR, the printer will pick /one name/ to 
render all types of a particular shape. This means that if you have code 
where two different source types end up having the same LLVM type, that 
the dumper will sometimes print the "wrong" or unexpected type. This is 
an important design point and isn't going to change." from 

In particular, this appears to be in direct contradiction with:

Can anyone else confirm my interpretation?  I want to be sure there's 
not something subtle here I'm missing.

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