[LLVMdev] LLVM 3.4 RC3 fails to run on Win32

Jasper Neumann jn at sirrida.de
Wed Jan 1 11:59:34 PST 2014

Hello Aaron, hello all,

 > Looking at the PE32 file for it, it is a 32-bit executable. More
 > likely, the version was built using a newer visual studio (2012, or
 > 2013), but not built with XP support enabled.

This is a plausible cause. Thanks for the explanation.

I sincerely hope that subsequent release candidates and release versions 
are usable also on even older Windows versions such as Windows 2000. 
Similar things might hold for other operating systems.
BTW: What's the point of creating a compiler but not using it? :-)
IMHO published versions of the compiler should have been compiled with 

Best regards
Jasper Neumann

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