[LLVMdev] Future of the LLVM OpenMP runtime

David Chisnall David.Chisnall at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 26 01:03:56 PST 2014

On 25 Feb 2014, at 23:13, Alp Toker <alp at nuanti.com> wrote:

> Now that we've kick-started the LLVM OpenMP runtime discussion, I want to make a concrete proposal to get a test suite up and running for the LLVM OpenMP runtime. I don't think the current setup as an LLVM subproject is sustainable going forward without some form of testing support, automated or otherwise.

I'd add that fairly high up the TODO list should probably be a build system that's a bit easier to modify.  We're very interested in getting the runtime working on FreeBSD with a view to importing it into the base system at some point in the future (we've removed the GNU OpenMP runtime and would quite like a replacement).

Unfortunately, the current build system is a complex structure of Makefile driving Perl scripts and vice versa.  After half an hour of trying to persuade it that FreeBSD was, in fact, a valid target, I gave up.  The description of what things are valid targets is spread over multiple files with subtle interactions between them.  

We have a number of people producing experimental manycore 64-bit MIPS systems running FreeBSD, so we'd also be interested in doing MIPS bring-up, but the build system is currently something of a show-stopper for us.


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