[LLVMdev] Wanted: Bugfixes for 3.4 branch

Tom Stellard tom at stellard.net
Thu Feb 6 14:34:53 PST 2014

Hello LLVM Developers and Users,

We are going to try to have a 3.4.1 bugfix release at some point in
the future.  If there have been any bug fixes merged to ToT since the
3.4 release that you would like included in a 3.4.1 release, please
email me and cc the code owner with the commit number, and we will work
on getting the patch merged into the 3.4 branch.

The rules for merging patches into the 3.4 branch are:
- Bug fixes only
- Must be approved by the code owner and release manager
- Must maintain ABI and API compatibility with the 3.4 release.

Thanks for your help.


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