[LLVMdev] Portable Computing Language (pocl) v0.9 released

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Mon Feb 3 23:41:17 PST 2014

Something to add to the release notes? :-)


On Jan 29, 2014, at 2:43 AM, Pekka Jääskeläinen <pekka.jaaskelainen at tut.fi> wrote:

> Portable Computing Language (pocl) v0.9 released
> ------------------------------------------------
> January 29, 2014.
> Pocl's goal is to become an efficient open source (MIT-licensed)
> implementation of the OpenCL 1.2 standard.
> In addition to producing an easily portable open-source OpenCL
> implementation, another major goal of this project is improving
> performance portability of OpenCL programs with compiler
> optimizations, reducing the need for target-dependent manual
> optimizations.
> At the core of pocl is the kernel compiler that consists of a set of
> LLVM passes used to statically transform kernels into work-group
> functions with multiple work-items, even in the presence of work-group
> barriers. These functions are suitable for parallelization in multiple
> ways (SIMD, VLIW, superscalar,...).
> The central changes in 0.9 are:
> -improved host/target CPU detection and targeted code generation
> -kernel compiler implemented by default by LLVM API calls instead of scripts
> -improvements to the handling of CL Images
> -several kernel compiler improvements.
> For the full list, see the change log.
> We consider pocl ready for wider scale testing, although the OpenCL
> 1.2 standard is not yet fully implemented, and it contains known bugs.
> The pocl 0.9 test suite compiles and runs most of the ViennaCL 1.3.1
> examples, Rodinia 2.0.1 benchmarks, Parboil benchmarks, OpenCL
> Programming Guide book samples, VexCL test cases, Luxmark v2.0, and
> most of the AMD APP SDK v2.8 OpenCL samples, among others.
> Acknowledgements
> ----------------
> We'd like to thank the Radio Implementation Research Team from Nokia
> Research Center, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation
> (project "Parallel Acceleration", funding decision 40115/13) and
> Academy of Finland (funding decision 253087) for funding the development of
> this release.
> E. Schnetter acknowledges support from the Perimeter Institute, as
> well as funding from NSERC (Canada) via a Discovery Grant and from NSF
> (USA) via OCI Award 0905046.
> Links
> -----
> Home page:         http://portablecl.org/
> Change log:        http://portablecl.org/downloads/CHANGES
> Download:          http://portablecl.org/downloads
> This announcement: http://portablecl.org/pocl-0.9.html
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> Pekka
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