[LLVMdev] Interest in contributing to LLVM

Aditya Kamath cs11b001+llvmdev at iith.ac.in
Mon Dec 22 22:47:42 PST 2014

Hi all,

I am Aditya Kamath, a final year undergrad at IIT Hyderabad. During the
past 4 months as part of the compiler course I have been studying and
working on LLVM. I have in collaboration with a classmate of mine built a
LLVM front-end for the Cool(Classroom Object Oriented Language) using
ANTLR. The repo can be found at link

During the course I have spent time in going through LLVM source code
including the lexical analysis and parsing phases, and some of the
transformation passes. I also have played with the Kaleidoscope tutorial.
The experience has got me very interested in the field of programming
languages and I would like to help the community in the best way I can.

If there is something that I can directly start working, please let me know.

Aditya V Kamath
Undergraduate Student,
IIT Hyderabad ODF Medak,
Hyderabad 502205.
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