[LLVMdev] question about the DIBuilder::createStructType

Hui Zhang wayne.huizhang at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 12:44:00 PST 2014


I'm using DIBuilder to create debugging information, I'm not clear about
two things:

[1] Could you help explain the meaning and the difference
between"alignment" and "offset" of a type ?

e.g class Actor{
            int age;
            const char* name;

Besides, I found the denotation of createMemberType and createStructType
both have "Member Alignment" and "Member Size" fields, are they the same
thing ? If they are, then for the "Actor", which member is it referring to ?

[2] In createMemberType, the last arg “Ty” is parent type, does it mean
"Actor" in the example ?


Best regards

Hui Zhang
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