[LLVMdev] LIT Verbose

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Thu Dec 18 02:55:23 PST 2014


Some of our CMake buildbots are failing to timeout, and I believe it's
something to do with how the output comes from the LIT tests, even
though we add -v to LIT_ARGS.

When the "check-all" stage runs, the output stops at the "Running
tests" message and only prints the rest of the output (including all
tests that pass, fail, etc) at the end.

I believe this has to do with ninja holding off the stream until the
job actually finishes, but I'm not seeing this when I run ninja
manually, which hints as to how the terminal is setup for buildbot.

Does anyone have a good hint for me to fix this?


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