[LLVMdev] 3.5.1 Testing Phase Begins

Daniel Sanders Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com
Tue Dec 16 02:09:36 PST 2014

It looks like I missed that email completely, I started out replying to Nikola and Hans which is why I was talking about Windows rather than OS X.

I've just found your first email in my llvmdev folder and I think I see what happened. My mail rules deliver llvmdev messages to a folder named llvmdev unless I'm directly addressed in which case it delivers to my inbox. It looks like you pruned the recipient list when you replied to Tom's email so that one email was delivered to llvmdev while the rest of the thread was delivered to my inbox. Then when I replied to Hans and Nikola it seems I pruned the recipient list (I don't remember doing this and it's unusual for me but that's what the emails say). You presumably saw my email and thought I was replying to you and things got confused from there.

I'll commit that patch to the trunk and ask Tom for permission to merge it.

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On 15.12.2014, at 23:01, Daniel Sanders <Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com<mailto:Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com>> wrote:

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For sake of completeness, I copy the output again:

Command Output (stderr): [...]

That's given me enough to figure out the problem. %gp_rel is only used when the small data section is enabled and that's only supposed to be the case for bare-metal. However, the guard is actually a test for 'is not Linux' and this condition is of course true for windows.

Just out of curiosity: this information was also contained in my initial mail, did you probably overlook it?

It's not a new bug (it was in 3.5.0 too) but the testcase is new. Does the attached patch fix the problem for you?<arguments-struct.patch>

Yes, it fixes it.


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